The Chile Banditos

Taco's Special Reserve Batch 5

For those that don’t know the founder of The Chile Banditos is a bloke known affectionately as Taco Rodriguez.  These are his personal stash of sauces and a collectors piece for many loyal spice pirates.  Every batch is different to the last and limited to a run of 25 bottles.  Batch 5 is an all new take on our ever popular Overthrow the Monarch Red Wine Chilli Worcestershire.  Starting with our famous Kraken Flakes we put them back in the smoker and layered them with another 4 different types of smoke taking the total to 6.  After they have cured they were treated to a marinade of a sweet crimson Cabernet red wine before hitting the stove to be spiced with our secret Worcestershire  recipe.  This is some high end gear and is right at home on everything from Prime Steak to Sheppard’s Pie to anything Italian.

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