The Chile Banditos

The Four Horsemen Of The Chipocalypse

The end of days is nigh for substandard BBQ with this pack of smoked chilli salvation.  Starting off with our famous “Dawn of the Chipocalypse” with its rich flavour mid range heat it is closely backed up by our “Overthrow the Monarch” Red Wine Chipotle Worcestershire to make sure every steak is just ready for praise.  But we don’t stop there.  We have some of our finest “Vengeance Of The Pistolero” Superhot Chipotle to make sure guns are a blazing and finished off with some high end 7 smoke wonder that is the “Black Label” Captain’s Choice.  If you like smoked chilli you would be a chilli peasant to pass this pack up.


Floral Divider 64 300 Opt
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