The Chile Banditos

Weekend BBQ Sesh Pack

So Crew we’re gonna lay it out for y’all to play it out.  The work week has been long and hard but you have this juicy chunk of meat to put through the smoker.  Ya gonna need a few things.  Firstly beer….but you picked that up straight after knock off.  Next a good quality BBQ rub, and that’s where Murdok’s Brisket Rub is gonna have your back.  Dose that puppy up and get it in the smoker.  You probably grabbed a short cook meat so you aren’t waiting all night to eat.  So by the time that comes out you have a few beers in the belly and need a good quality hot sauce with depth to make it pop…..well that’d be Black Label Captain’s Choice is stepping up to the plate.  By this time you are way down the BBQ rabbit hole and aching for the Brisket, Pork or whatever to come out.  So you have plates ready with your Chilli Chick Pickle Me Cucumber and Chile Banditos Captain Bravetongue Louisiana to make sure that when that meat hits the plate you have everything you need to make sure the work week was worth it.


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