The Chile Banditos

Chilli Garlic Prawns, Scallops & Chilled Sand Crab w/ Tangy Mango Salad

AuthortacoiskingPrep Time25 minsCategory, DifficultyBeginner
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 1 kg Large Green Prawns
 500 g Fresh Shelled Scallops
 2 Sand Crab
 1 Mango
 1 Red Onion
 1 Cucumber
 200 g Mixed Cherry Tomatoes
 4 Fresh Cayenne Peppers
 4 Lemons
 2 Limes
 1 Pomegranate
 4 Cloves Fresh Garlic
 1 Chile Banditos Smoked Chillies
 3 tbsp The Hunt For Jay's Gold Citrus Hot Sauce
 Fresh Coriander



Seafood Preparation

De-shell and de-vein prawns, chop garlic and smoked peppers and add to a bowl with the juice of 1 lemon and 2 table spoons of The Hunt for Jay's Gold. Cover and put in the fridge for 1/2 hour to marinade. Remove shell from sand crab and clean the inside under a tap while removing gills.

Finely chop the red onion, cut cucumber into 1cm pieces, cube the mango, remove pomegranate seeds from skin and slice cherry tomatoes in half. Combine in a large bowl and add the juice of 2 lemons. Add a little salt to taste. Place in fridge to chill.

On a hot BBQ plate cook the seafood mix for approx 5 minutes pushing all juices back into the mix and turning regularly. Once cooked through plate up with salad and crab. Garnish with fresh coriander and shallots.

Serve with lemon and lime wedges plus an ice cold beer.

Serves 4

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