The Chile Banditos

Smokey Beef Ribs

Smokey Beef Ribs


 1 Rack of Beef Short Ribs (about 5 is good)
 1 Packet of "A BBQ With El Gringo" Spice Rub
 Olive Oil
 Spray Bottle Filled with Apple Juice
 Baking Paper



Inspect your ribs for any exterior excess fat and trim to 2mm thick. Rinse under cold water and pat dry to remove any excess moisture and blood.


Add some Olive Oil to the ribs and rub over all exposed meat.


Lightly sprinkle with salt (we use Kosher salt) followed by a light covering of the spice rub. All exposed meat should be covered.


Preheat Smoker/Oven to 145 Degrees Celsius and let meat come up to room temperature for about 1 hour. (If using a smoker be sure that your fire is burning clean and stable.)


Add ribs to the Smoker/Oven and let cook for 3 Hrs. About every 1/2 hr check and give a light spray with apple juice to keep moist.


At the 3 hr mark you should be forming a nice bark/crust on the ribs. Wrap with baking paper and put back in the smoker for another 2hrs.


Remove from heat and let rest for 20-30mins. Slice between the bones and serve with Chimmichurri and salad.

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